Do you remember your first dab? some people like the first time they try dab. It’s an excellent experience to explore your brain and body. However, if you dab for the first time, I still have some advice want to tell you.

1. The O.D (or The Regret)
Because if the first time dabber is an experienced smoker, they think that they can stack it on the way they do
with flowers in their joint. Wrong! Dabs are a concentrated hit of THC, and first-time dabbers have to dose
carefully. Otherwise, it results in the ever prevalent dab overdose, making out with the toilet bowl and praying
for mercy. So size up your dabs carefully if you´re a first-time dabber. You can always dabble a little more if
you choose.

2. That cough!
Everyone who has dabbed knows. That cough, where you feel like your lungs are shrinking inside your chest. Then
you exhale and it´s like you´re coughing your lungs right out of your chest. It can last for hours! Then you go to
drink some water, and you´re still coughing so hard it comes erupting out of your mouth like a volcano. Don’t
worry, it gets easier the more you do it!

3. The sweats
Is it the dab or the excessive coughing that causes the profuse sweating? It´s probably a combination of both. It´
s that feeling of having run an entire marathon without having to leave the couch. And then if you want another
one, you have to hold a hot torch in your hand to light up the next one! No way to avoid the sweats with dabs!

4. That taste!
Inhaling the concentrated vapor of THC from a dab has a completely different flavor to smoking a joint. It´s like
the equivalent of diluting your mango nectar in water. The flavor is like that of nothing else you´ve ever smoked,
and burning at a lower temperature produces better results and better flavors.

5. And then you are the couch…
Well, this is where all first-time dabbers end up. And I don´t mean on the couch. I mean when you have reached the
point of no longer being able to identify what is your body and what is the couch. Congratulations, this is the
truest union where you have in fact become the couch. It´s that feeling of “I don´t have to move to do I? … Really?
”. Well, you don´t. My advice to first-time dabbers is to make sure everything you might need for the foreseeable
future (a couple of hours) is within reaching a distance of the couch. Because we all know how hard it is to move a

Whether you´re a newcomer and want to be prepared, the advice above is useful. Wish everyone can have a pleasant first dab tour! If someone wants to share your first dab experience, please write down on the comment. For the first time, I think you can choose cheap quality bongs. If any other questions, feel free to contact me.

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